Where Are They Now? Jarron Thomas

Where Are They Now? Jarron Thomas

As we spring into a new season, our current Center of Excellence class is getting ready to unveil their big business ventures they’ve been working on all year! We hope you’re ready to support and celebrate these entrepreneurs. Here is our second installment in the Where Are They Now series, featuring Jarron Thomas.

Being a native Charlottean and rising out of poverty helped Jarron Thomas, founder of Jump Institute, create a model that is increasing socio-economic mobility through education. This week we’re excited to feature this City Startup Labs alum and winner of the business pitch competition for his year!

Question: Which class were you apart of?


Answer: I was apart of the initial pilot class.

Question: How did you connect with City Startup Labs?

Answer: I heard about the program when Henry came to speak to the board of 100 Black Men of Charlotte.

Question: Why would you recommend the program to other entrepreneurs?

Answer: I would recommend CSL for many reasons.

The number one reason I would say is the opportunity to really learn what it takes to start a business and manage it. The sheer will it takes to go to class twice a week for 3 hours to learn builds the tenacity you’ll need to be a hybrid entrepreneur and balance potentially working and managing your business.

Second would be the network that you establish with business leaders that Henry Rock is able to bring in who truly want to help you succeed.  

Lastly, and maybe the most important are the relationships you build with like minded individuals. Those relationships will yield the opportunity to expand your network and to really grow your business. Also, if you’re not willing to make an investment in yourself via the time it takes to complete this program how could you expect an investor or anyone else to invest in you? I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to WIN at being an entrepreneur and start as successful business.