REEP Application

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The pilot of the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) is designed for returning citizens or the formerly incarcerated. Please consider the following prior to completing this application:

  • Participants must have 6 months to 5 years post-release status.
  • During this 6-month program, participants must be available for Module 1 – a mandatory weekend on Friday 6/22 through Sunday 6/24; evenings classes – twice per week for Module 2 and once per week for Module 3Click link for schedule
  • Participants must reside in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.  The program’s focus area and where the businesses will be based is along the Beatties Ford Road corridor (between Five Points and I-85).
  • Participants should have a team-centric mindset.  While individual ideas and ventures are welcome, REEP wants participants who are willing to build businesses as teams and through collaborations within the class.

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