Jalen Jamison

Jalen Jamison

Jalen Jamison is a 19 year old who just wrapped up his second year at Queens University of Charlotte. He is a double major in international business and organization communications. Jalen is currently involved with many clubs and organizations on Queens University campus. When Jalen is not in school he is involved in a variety of community volunteer efforts in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg county area. Jalen also serves on the board of directors for the Boy Scouts of America, and the United Way program of Wake County. He has also had the pleasure of working with some of Charlotte’s professional sports teams and in the banking industry.

He’s a co-founder & executive, along with Carlyle Sadler of Care Pack – Care Packaging company that originates in Charlotte, NC and targets the college market.

Care Pack won 5th Place in the BizPlan Pitch & Competition 

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