City Startup Labs’ Kick-off

 City Startup Labs’ Kick-off


Claudette Faison and Gary Thompson, of Youth-at-Risk, leading the Cultivation Module.

On Friday, January 17th, the City Startup Labs pilot kicked-off the first of 4 modules. The Cultivation Module was designed to provide the students with a deep dive into who they are and why they are, where they are. This segment of the program took place over three days, was facilitated by Youth at Risk, from NYC, and was the first time that students got a chance to meet one another and the coaches, as well.


One of several break-out sessions between students and coaches.

The focus, over the weekend, was on what gets in the way of us realizing the possibilities that we declare for ourselves, and how this can not only impact our business ventures, but our lives personally and professionally. This module included a series of exercises and break-out sessions with coaches. It was during this time that students and coaches were matched.

What gets in the way of us realizing possibilities and how this can impact our business ventures?

The following Tuesday, January 21st started the first class of the Preparation Module, which addresses the entrepreneurial mindset and runs for 4 ½ weeks. This segment takes place at the facilities of CSl’s collaborator and partner, the Urban League of the Central Carolinas. Both this and the – Education Module to follow, are based on two Kauffman Foundation programs.


Students team-up on an assignment during the 1st class of the Preparation Module.