The city of Charlotte is at an interesting moment — a moment where entrepreneurship meets socio-economic mobility.

It’s also a moment where you can be directly influential through both civic and business engagement and your association with City Startup Labs.

As a participant, you expressed an interest in helping to move CSL’s mission forward. We reached out to you earlier in the year, and after a “pivot”, we’re ready for the Fall Class of 2017. Consider again being a CSL Ambassador.

There are three ways to work with the program this year:

  1. Accountability Partner (AP): As someone who’s gone through the program and has an understanding of the rigors, as well as the challenges for launching a new or revamped venture, who would have a better perspective for guiding participants new to the program, than you?
  1. Interviewer: A team of three (including me) will interview potential participants who have completed the application portion of the registration process. Those interviews will scheduled from Aug.21-26 6-8P/Sat. 9A-12N at Packard Place. If you can only make one day or certain times – that will be OK. You will be briefed specifically on what we’ll be looking for. If you have desire to raise the bar regarding who participates in the program, then consider this role.
  1. Events & Classes: This includes attending several CSL events and classes over the course of the year, principally as a liaison with new candidates or participants, visitors, the press, sponsors, etc. As a face of City Startup Labs, you’ll have an opportunity to speak on behalf of the organization, primarily from your story. You’ll also be given several points to mention and maybe a theme to address. If you feel strongly about the program, this would be a good role.
  1. All Hands on Deck: This is an appeal to everyone, who has benefited from CSL, to make certain that this year’s class is the best ever. That said, recommend any sharp African American millennials  (men & women) who you know to the program (send them straight to the website: www.citystartuplabs.com or bit.ly/CSL-Reg2017). 

Please share liberally: @citystartuplabs Contest: Pitch For Your Spot | Pitch Competition goo.gl/fb/CnaNnu

Much appreciated ~ Henry Rock

Please let me know what you interest is:

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